Bangkok Airways orders four ATR 72-600


Singapore - On February 6, the turboprop manufacturer ATR announced an order from Bangkok Airways for four additional ATR 72-600.

After tripling its orders in 2017 and returning to the US market, ATR is continuing its positive trend. The Toulouse-based turboprop manufacturer announced at the Singapore Air Show an order from Bangkok Airways for four additional ATR 72-600s, valued at $100 million.

The four aircraft are configured with 70 seats, will be deliverable from October 2018 to March 2019. Bangkok Airways currently operates 21 Airbus A320s and 15 ATRs, including nine ATR 72-600s and six ATR 72-500s. The existing -600s will be gradually replaced by the new models of the ATR -600 series.

Being an ATR customer since 1994, the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi-based airline has significantly expanded its fleet of turboprops over the last few years. The company has almost doubled it in three years from 8 to 15 aircraft.

ATRs have proven to us over the years that they are perfect for building new links and expanding regional networks,
said Christophe Clarenc, technical director of Bangkok Airways.

According to ATR President Christian Scherer, ATR contributed to the creation of 70 new routes last year in Asia.

A feat that has generated over a million additional seats and revenue opportunities for the companies that operate these devices,
said the leader.
This ability to generate business opportunities is clearly at the heart of our extraordinary expansion in Asia,
he added.

Huge growth potential in Asia

Asia-Pacific is the largest ATR market in the world, accounting for more than a third of the world fleet. According to the manufacturer's data, nearly 1,200 ATR aircraft are in service worldwide, of which about 420 are in Asia-Pacific region.

ATR sees "huge growth potential" for the company in the Asia-Pacific region. The manufacturer, which is already the world's largest turboprop manufacturer, estimates the demand for
approximately 750 turboprops over the next two decades in the region, excluding China.

The main ATR markets in Asia

With 99 ATRs, Indonesia is at the first place in the world. With 47 aircraft Malaysia is second in the region and 5th in the world), with 46 aircraft India is third in the region and 6th in the world, and Burma with 34 aircraft 4th in the region and 10th in the world.