Avianca Brazil shows interest in A321neo


Sao Paulo - Airbus' exclusive customer Avianca Brazil may add another aircraft type to its fleet soon from the European Aircraft Manufacturer.

Frederico Pereira, the CEO of the Avianca Brazil confirmed to AIN Online the company's interest in the A321neo, the largest version of the family.

Avianca Brazil currently operates eight A320neo, just behind Azul (11 A320neo). Another four aircraft of the same type are planned in 2018. Although the company has revealed its interest in the A321neo, Pereira has not explained how or when it will become concrete.

One possibility would be to convert some orders of different types partly. Avianca, by the way, is the first Latin American company to use the A321neo, but in its Colombian branch. The first aircraft was delivered in October 2017 and has a configuration for 195 passengers, a capacity that would make it ideal for high-demand and medium-distance routes.

Frederico Pereira has also confirmed a new international route in 2018. Although he has not provided any hint, the new destination should remain in Europe, probably in one of the hubs of its Star Alliance partners.

From this perspective, it would be natural to opt for cities such as Frankfurt and Munich (Lufthansa), Zurich (Swiss) or Lisbon (TAP), from where their passengers could travel in connection with these European operators.