Austral to replace E-jets with Boeing 737s


Buenos Aires - The Argentinian airline operator Austral Líneas Aéreas, more commonly known by its shortened name Austral, replaces its 26 E190 and E195 jets in 2018 by larger aircraft.

Embraer is about to lose a major customer in South America. This week Aerolineas Argentinas president Mario Dell'Acqua told during a news conference that the subsidiary Austral would begin replacing its Embraer E190 and E195 jets with Boeing 737 aircraft.

The reason pointed out by the executive is the operating cost of the Brazilian aircraft. According to Dell'Acqua, the 737-800 has a 25% higher operating cost than Embraer jets the company currently has in its fleet, but it carries 60% more passengers.

It's proven that it's more economical to use 170-seat aircraft than the 90-seat aircraft on the routes we have now, especially during the remarkable growth process that is taking place in our country's aviation industry today,
he said.

The fleet replacement will begin next month and will be in effect for only 12 Embraer aircraft now. Austral operates 26 Embraer aircraft.

Standardization and modernization

Aerolineas Argentinas is in the process of modernizing its fleet. The company has included new 737s in its fleet including the MAX 8. The flagship of the country also started to use the Airbus A330 as the main carrier for international flights, after retired its four A340s. Dell'Acqua said that the Argentinian company must define what will be its new intercontinental jet by the end of 2018. The options studied are the Boeing 777 and 787 and the Airbus A350.