Aurigny finalizes an order for three ATR 72-600


Toulouse - Aurigny, a regional airline from Guernsey, finalized an order for three ATR 72-600 turboprop. The company had signed a letter of intent for the order of three aircraft at the Farnborough Airshow last year in July.

The final order could have been placed after the approval of the Guernsey jurisdiction. ATR will deliver the first aircraft in August this year. All three turboprop will be equipped with ClearVision, an enhanced vision system that helps pilots in low visibility conditions such as heavy fog.

Aurigny became the first customer for the newly developed system by the Franco-Italian aircraft manufacturer.

ClearVison uses an external camera with which the pilot has a view on the basis of augmented reality with the help of a special head-mounted visor. That Aurigny opted for the system because the air traffic around the Channel Islands area is frequently disturbed by heavy fog.

The fleet of Guernsey's flag carrier already includes three ATR72-500.