ATSG to update Boeing 767F delivery schedule to Amazon

Wilmington, Ohio - The American cargo service provider Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) annuonced that it had agreed with Amazon to expedite the deliveries of the leased Boeing 767-300Fs to the freight division Amazon Air of the American retail giant.

According to the new delivery schedule, Amazon Air will take delivery of six Boeing 767F this year and a further four aircraft of the same type next year.

ATSG already delivered the first two aircraft in late June and early July. The third aircraft will be delivered later this month.

According to the initial agreement signed in December 2018, Amazon would receive five freighters in 2019 and five more in 2020. The changes to this schedule were made at Amazon's request.

Twenty percent of Air Transport Services Group's revenues come from the Freighters leased to the e-commerce and retail giant Amazon.

In 2020, we expect to deploy at least ten more aircraft, four of which are under customer commitments to Amazon and one that we expect to lease to United Parcel Service next year,

ATSG president and CEO Joe Hete said during the presentation of the company's quarterly results.