ATR installs a new Full Flight Simulator in Toulouse


Toulouse - ATR is continuing to develop its training capabilities. As of this summer, the Toulouse center will be equipped with a new FFS simulator for the ATR 72-600.

The ATR training center in Toulouse is already equipped with simulators for ATR 42-300/500, 72-200/500. The new simulator will provide training for the ATR 72-600.

Manufactured by CAE, the simulator will be both EASA and FAA certified. ATR will be able to provide its customers and operators with a greater training capacity, approximately 4,500 additional hours per year. Commissioning of the new equipment is scheduled for July 2018.

The ATR training center in Paris has just been equipped with an FFS simulator for ATR 72-600 .

By progressively developing its training capabilities, ATR is making a vital contribution to the global pilot training,
said Tom Anderson, ATR's Director of Programs and Customer Service.
We are working hard to support our customers' and operators' plans for future development, and we will continue to expand our training capabilities to meet global demand and maintain our position as the world's leading regional airline,
he added.

Today, ATR has five training centers located in Toulouse, Paris, Johannesburg, Singapore, and Miami. The turboprop manufacturer offers a range of training for pilots and cabin crew, instructors, flight operations and maintenance. In total, The company provides over 100,000 hours of training to more than 3,500 people each year.