An Asiana A330 hits the Turkish A321 on the apron (video)


Istanbul - On May 13, an Asiana A330-300 hit an A321 of Turkish Airlines while taxiing on the apron of Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

According to the information obtained from local sources, an A330-300 from Asiana Airlines registered HL-7792 was preparing to leave Istanbul for Seul, South Korea with 236 passengers on board.

At the same time, an A321 from Turkish Airlines registered TC-JMM, which came to Istanbul from Ercan Airport, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, began to berth to unload its 217 passengers.

During docking, Asiana Airlines' A330-300 hit the tail of the Turkish A321. With the impact of the crash, the tail of the A321 was leaned to the left.

After the incident, safety measures were taken by airport teams immediately, and two planes were pulled back to be examined later.