Artificial Intelligence to help Transavia reduce carbon footprint


Paris - Transavia aims to reduce its fuel consumption and its carbon footprint thanks to a solution developed by Safety Line, a French technology startup, of which Transavia is the launch customer.

The low-cost Air France-KLM subsidiary and the French start-up "Safety Line" signed a contract on December 18. Starting from the summer of 2018, all Transavia pilots will be able to implement "OptiClimb", an Artificial Intelligence solution that uses flight data for day-to-day conditions to determine an optimized climb profile.

The climb phase is the biggest fuel consumer because engines run nearly at full power. OptiClimb optimizes the climb profile of the aircraft to reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions. Transavia's objective is to achieve fuel savings of more than 2,000 tons by 2019, based on the savings of 5 to 10% of the fuel dedicated to the climb, the equivalent of 6,500 tons less CO2.

Safety Line says that OptiClimb has no impact on the ATC (Air Traffic Control) flight plan. Of course, the operation of the aircraft is done in accordance with the manufacturer's flight manual, the applicable regulations, and procedures of the airline.

Before signing the contract, Transavia and Safety Line collaborated for 2 years to test the new AI-based system.

Thanks to close cooperation with Transavia's management and pilots and more than 2,000 test flights, we were able to validate the results of several years of research conducted jointly with INRIA / Polytechnique, France's leading science and technology company,
explains Pierre Jouniaux, CEO, and the founder of Safety Line.

The project is led by Transavia France, but teams involved in the project from both sides, French and Dutch branches of the low-cost carrier. According to the partners, this concerted effort now leads to an innovation with a solid solution, which will help Transavia reduce its fuel consumption in the mid and long-term.

Transavia is the first airline to sign a contract with Safety Line, which is now in testing with 22 other airlines.