Another engine incident on an Air France A380


Los Angeles - An Airbus A380 from Air France landed in Los Angeles on three engines.

On December 27, 2017, the superjumbo, the flight AF066 of the French national carrier registered F-HPJG was carrying out its scheduled flight between its base in Paris-CDG and the Los Angeles International Airport when landed on three engines.

During the final descent to the Los Angeles International Airport, the flight crew had to shut down the engine 2 (interior under the left wing), due to the low oil pressure warning.

The A380 landed at 13:05 Local Time with no other problem, and joined its landing station by its own means. The return flight of the AF065 was canceled, and passengers being transferred to other flights. The A380 was immobilized in Los Angeles since Thursday night, December 27.

The incident is different than that of September 30 on the same route when an engine exploded in mid-air, forcing the another A380 of the Air France to land in Goose Bay, Canada. The superjumbo had remained immobilized there until December 8.