Another approach failure at San Francisco International Airport


San Fransisco - A plane from Aeromexico was almost to land at the wrong track in San Francisco, which was already occupied. It is the third similar incident in six months at the same airport.

It happened shortly after midnight on early Tuesday morning (January 9). Flight AM668 from Mexico City was ready to land at San Francisco International Airport. The Aeromexico pilots were allowed to land on runway 28R. But they did not. Instead, they lined up their Boeing 737-800 on runway 28L.

On the runway 28L, an Airbus A320 from Virgin America was waiting at the time of approach. The tower at San Francisco Airport noticed the mistake and ordered the Boeing 737 pilots to abort the landing. The Flight AM668 was only 1.6 kilometers away from the runway at that point.

Nothing serious happened during the incident. Nevertheless, It worries many. Because it is already the third in San Francisco within a few months. The most dramatic was the one of 7 July 2017. An Airbus A320 from Air Canada headed the taxiway C instead of the runway 28R, where four planes were waiting.

In October, another Air Canada plane landed on Runway 28R in San Francisco, although the pilots had been instructed to stop the landing. The control tower was not sure if the previously landed plane would leave the runway early enough. But the crew did not respond - and later reported communication problems.

In San Francisco, there are now voices saying that the two slopes are too close to each other. In fact, more than ten years ago, there was a plan to build a runway further to the left of 28 L into the sea. But the project failed because of the objections of residents and environmentalists.