An F-35A from Japan Self Defense Forces disappears from radar


Tokyo - NHK news agency reports that an F-35A fighter jet of the Japan Self Defense Forces disappeared from radar during a training flight on April 9, 2019.

The Japanese F-35A was on a training mission when disappeared from radar in the northeastern part of the country over Pacific. The last radar contact with the aircraft was provided 135 km from the coast of Aomori Prefecture.

The aircraft took off from Misawa Air Base today where the first F-35 fighter squadron of the country became operational on March 29.

Japanese Defence Ministery announced that all flights of the F-35 jets were currently suspended.

Japan Self Defense Forces has so far received 13 F-35 Fighters of 105 expected.

If confirmed, this would be the second crash of the type since September, 2018. On September 28, an F-35B from the 501th U.S. Marine Squadron crashed during a training flight in South Carolina.

Update: Search and Rescue teams have found the wreck of the missing Japanese F-35A on April 10. However, the pilot is still missing, authorities reported.





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