A French Airbus A340 lands at the Isfahan International in Iran due to a technical failure

Isfahan, Iran - An Airbus A340-300 from Air France subsidiary Joon landed at the Isfahan International Airport in Iran yesterday due to a failure in the aircraft's ventilation system.

The aircraft (AF218) was en route from Paris to Mumbai when the failure occurred.

After seven hours spent in Isfahan, the Airbus A340 was able to fly again. The aircraft landed at the Dubai International Airport instead of Mumbai because the crew was at the daily working limit. In Dubai, passengers were rebooked to other available flights to Mumbai.

In December, a Norwegian Boeing 737 MAX also had to land in Iran due to an engine failure. The aircraft needed a new engine. But due to the international sanctions against the country, Norwegian's 737 MAX couldn't receive its replacement engine for more than two months and stranded in that country.

After a special permission granted by the U.S. authorities, the replacement engine arrived in Iran and the Boeing 737 MAX of the airline was able to return to its home base at the end of February this year.

Three weeks later, the aircraft has been grounded again due to worldwide flight ban imposed for the aircraft type after fatal crash in Ethiopia.