An Airbus A320 from Aer Lingus flies in formation with Irish Air Corps

Dublin, Ireland - The Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus has released a spectacular video of an air show that an Airbus A320 from the airline attended last weekend.

The aircraft flew in formation along the Irish coast with Pilatus PC-9s from the Irish Air Corps during the fourteenth edition of the Bray Air Display, which is organized annually.

Almost 80,000 people joined the two-day event.

The video shows how the demonstration flight is performed from the cockpits. The show was also filmed from a helicopter and from the ground.

The Air Corps is the air component of the Defense Forces of Ireland. Its task is to provide close air support to the Army and Naval forces during wartime.

It also fulfills non-military services during peacetimes such as Garda (Police) air support, air ambulance, fisheries protection, and the Ministerial Air Transport Service.

A spokesperson for the event said Bray Air Display was an award-winning celebration of aviation and engineering excellence that aims to celebrate Ireland’s rich legacy in aviation and current status as a global leader in the aviation industry.