An Air Canada Jazz Dash 8-300 collides with a fuel tanker at Toronto Pearson

Toronto - Today in the early hours, An Air Canada Jazz Dash 8-300 collided with a fuel truck at Toronto Pearson Airport. Five people were injured during the incident.

On May 10, an Air Canada Jazz Dash 8-300, which was heading from Toronto to Sudbury was forced to return to its departure base due to bad weather at the arrival airport.

After a successful landing at Toronto Pearson International Airport, the aircraft collided with a fuel tanker while taxiing to the gate in Terminal 1. Five people, including two pilots, a flight attendant, and two passengers were injured. There were 51 passengers on board.

The driver of the tanker truck was charged with "dangerous operation of a vehicle" under the Federal Aviation Act.

The aircraft and the tanker were towed and the airport went on its normal operations.

Photos of the Air Canada Jazz Dash 8-300 showed significant damage to the front of the plane beneath windshield and to a propeller.