An A380 from Malaysia Airlines to stuck in London for eleven days


London - An Airbus A380 from Malaysia Airlines was stuck in London more than a week due to a defective fuel gauge.

Flight MH2 from Kuala Lumpur to London, the A380 9M-MNF was forced to stay in London Heathrow since July 26.

Only after the replacement of a tank probe, the Malaysia Airlines' A380 could fly back to Kuala Lumpur on 06 August without passengers. Upon the arrival, Malaysia Airlines conducted another maintenance operation.

Malaysia Airlines intends to withdraw its A380s from its main fleet and transfer its service to London to the A350. The six superjumbos are to be outsourced for charter and pilgrimage flights with a new subsidiary.

However, over the summer, the airline will continue to use its A380 for London, and deploy some of its A380s on the Kuala Lumpur - Melbourne route in September.