American retires its last MD-80s in early September

Fort Worth, Dallas - American Airlines will retire its last 26 McDonnell Douglas MD-80 aircraft in early September. The last aircraft will take off from Dallas-Fort Worth on September 4 for its last flight and arrive at Chicago O'Hare the same day.

The carrier's MD-80s are 20.8 years old on average. The retired planes will be ferried to Roswell.

American is planning to replace its MD-80s with Boeing 737 MAXs. The worldwide grounding of the 737 MAX jets caused rumors that the operator would postpone its withdrawal plans for the MD-80s.

The airline said it would alter its schedule if the 737 MAXs are not allowed to return to service until September, but the MD-80s will be removed from the service as it was planned before.

This week, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has announced that it detected a new safety risk on the grounded 737 MAX jets. The regulator asks Boeing to address the problem before the aircraft returns to service.

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After September 4, Delta Air Lines will be the only US airline to operate the MD-80s. Allegiant Air had retired its last MD-80s last year in autumn.