American Airlines orders 47 Boeing 787 Dreamliner


Fort Worth - On April 6, American Airlines confirmed a firm order for 47 Boeing 787 Dreamliner at a value of 12 billion dollars at list prices. The agreement also includes an option for 12 additional devices.

The order covers exactly 22, 787-8 of 242 seats and 25, 787-9 of 290 seats. The new planes will be delivered from 2020 to 2023 respectively. They will gradually replace Boeing 767s and 777s as well as Airbus A330s in the American's fleet. The order will bring the American Airlines' Dreamliner fleet to 89 aircraft.

American Airlines has also announced that it has canceled an order for Airbus A350, the competitor model of the European aircraft manufacturer.

To simplify our fleet, American has agreed with Airbus to cancel an order for 22 A350s, an order originally made by US Airways,
the company said.

American Airlines had bought US Airways in 2013.

It was a difficult decision between the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350 and A330neo, and we thank the two manufacturers for their stubbornness. In the end, our goal of simplifying our fleet has made the choice of the 787 unavoidable,
said company president Robert Isom.
We see significant benefits in simplifying our fleet, including greater fluidity when switching aircraft, reduced inventory turnaround times, and more consistent service for customers and employees,
said Derek Kerr, Chief Financial Officer at American Airlines.

To date, Boeing has more than 1,350 orders in its backlog for the 787.