Amazon leases 15 more Boeing 737-800BCF for its cargo branch

Hebron, Kentucky - E-Commerce giant Amazon has announced that it would lease fifteen more Boeing 737-800BCF from GECAS for its cargo branch Amazon Air.

The Boeing 737-800BCFs leased from the American lessor will be used to expand the company's domestic delivery network in the United States.

Amazon expects to take delivery of the all 20 aircraft by 2021. Amazon Air has currently five Boeing converted freighter (737BCF) in its fleet and a further 15 on order. With the latest leasing agreement with GECAS, the number of planes on order for Boeing 737BCF was brought to 35.

The 737 BCFs of the Amazon Air are operated by Southern Air.

“These new aircraft create additional capacity for Amazon Air, building on the investment in our Prime Free One-Day program,” said Dave Clark, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations at Amazon.

“By 2021, Amazon Air will have a portfolio of 70 aircraft flying in our dedicated air network,” Clark added.

Amazon will open a huge cargo hub at Cincinnati International in 2021 for its own operations. The facility will be built on 3 million square feet (280,000 square meters) field and will cost Amazon around USD1.5 billion.

Amazon's new base at Cincinnati International will have parking places for up to hundred freighters when completed.

Amazon has leased the required land to build its facilities from the airport operator for 50 years.