Video: Airplane skidded off runway in Istanbul, crumbled to three pieces

Istanbul, Turkey - An airplane from Turkish low-cost operator Pegasus Airlines skidded off runway during landing at the Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

The Boeing 737-800 jet with registration TC-IZK went to pieces after it skidded off the runway and came to rest on its fuselage. Emergency teams were deployed to the area. The airport is closed and inbound traffics diverted to Istanbul Airport.

There were 177 passengers and six crew members on board. A short-lived fire was distinguished by firefighting teams. Authorities said there were no casualties. No information yet about how many injured.

The aircraft was arriving in Istanbul from Turkish city Izmir when the incident happened.

Safety experts from Turkish civil aviation regulator are investigating the incident.

Deatails are coming...

Update: According to the Mode-S data transmitted by the transponder, the aircraft landed long and hot. 1500 meters before the runway treshold, the aircraft was descending through 950 feet MSL/661 feet AGL at 194 knots over ground, touched down about abeam taxiways T/F (about 1000 meters/3300 feet before the runway end) at about 130 knots over ground. It overran the runway veering slightly to the left and hit the localizer antenna, went over and airport road and impacted the airport perimeter wall.


Update: Accoring to the radio communications, tower warned the pilots about strong tailwind.

Update: One dead reported. Rescue operations from the crashed plane are going on.

Update: Three were killed, many injured.