Airlines avoid Thessaloniki airport


Thessaloniki - The runways of the Greek airport are being renovated. Airlines have to land on a taxiway. Not all airlines like it.

If you fly to Thessaloniki with Easyjet these days, you will not arrive in Thessaloniki. It lands in Kavala, another Greek city which is 150 kilometers away from Thessaloniki. Because the British low-cost airline has decided to avoid the airport of the Greek region Macedonia until December 21st. The airport does not currently meet the British low-cost's own security standards, Easyjet justified in a statement.

The reason for the unusual measure is the renovation work on runway 16/34, which is usually used for flight operations and also has an instrument landing system. It is currently being renovated and cannot be used. Runway 10/28 is also not in operation. During this time, the narrower taxiway which is parallel to runway 10/28 is used as a runway.

Airlines were not informed about the measure early enough. Unfortunately, the risks associated with the proposed temporary runway are unacceptable to us,
said Easyjet. The airline flies from Basel, Berlin-Schönefeld, London Gatwick and Manchester to Thessaloniki.

Austrian Airlines has also responded to the situation.

We evaluate the situation in Thessaloniki daily. It may happen that we divert to another airport in adverse weather conditions,
explains a spokesperson from the company.

The Greek aviation authority defends itself by expressing that the airline operators were informed early enough. The tests have shown that the current regulation is safe, the Greek authority claims.