Airbus to rename the CSeries of Bombardier


Toulouse - Airbus is almost on target for the Bombardier CSeries. European manufacturer wants to take control of the program and start driving sales in a few weeks. The Canadian jets are expected to receive a new model name in Airbus format.

If Airbus renames CSeries into its own nomenclature, CSeries, therefore, should be named A200 family - the CS100 as A210, and the CS300 as A230. It would be a first-time deviation for Airbus from the practice of naming its aircraft in the ancestral line since the first model A300.

The $6 billion development cost of the CSeries financially troubled Bombardier Group in 2017 and the company agreed to cede the majority stake in the program to Airbus.

It's no secret that the program is not profitable today,
said Klaus Richter on April 25 at the ILA, the Chief Procurement Officer at Airbus.
The plane is too expensive, and we will be looking for a dialogue with the suppliers because the number of the aircraft in order book makes a big difference in the production cost.

To date, Bombardier's CSeries has received 348 firm orders only.

Many airlines are rediscovering 100-seaters. Nevertheless, the four-digit sales target will not be immediate, because Airbus has to prepare for a strong competition with Embraer's new generation E2 jets. According to media reports, Boeing is close to a deal with Embraer to take over the majority stake in the E2 program.