Airbus to miss A321neo deliveries


Paris - Even after the end of supply problems for engines of the A320neo family aircraft, the European aircraft manufacturer has to contend with new delays.

Last week on Tuesday (October 23), Airbus confirmed that the manufacturer had postponed the delivery of some aircraft to the customers. One of the reasons for the delay is the time-consuming adaptation of the A321neo cabins. The affected customers were informed about the delays.

Airbus has also been suffering for a while from the aftermath of the engine problems that caused some A320neos to be parked without their new generation turbines. Problems with the new, fuel-efficient engines had paralyzed the production of the A320 and A321neo for months at the beginning of the year.

But the bottleneck in A320neo family aircraft engines has now been overcome. The manufacturers Pratt & Whitney and the CFM International put the deliveries on track. In May, A321 deliveries had picked up, but it started to slow down again from September.

Airbus is currently under pressure. The goal of delivering 800 commercial aircraft this year means that 76 machines should have to be handed over to the customers each month in the last quarter. That would be ten percent more than Airbus ever managed.

This is not the only problem that Airbus has to deal with. Yesterday (On October 26), the British engine manufacturer announced that it could not meet the previously promised Trent 7000 deliveries to Airbus, which will power the A330neos.