Airbus says a zero-emission aircraft may arrive in early 2030s


Toulouse, France - Airbus is working on an emission-free, 100-seat regional airplane as the concerns to raise over carbon footprint generated by the commercial aviation industry.

The European planemaker said a zero-emission aircraft may arrive in the early 2030s. Airbus wants to speed up its plans to build a 100-seat all-green jet as governments and environmentalists increase their pressures on the airline operators.

Air Travel industry currently suffers from new environmental taxes and public movements such as #FlightShame.

FlightShame is real and travelers feel guilty about their carbon footprint, Citigroup analyst Mark Manduca wrote in a research note last month. Another research has also revealed that people increasingly prefer trains on short and medium distances in Europe.

Today, there is no single solution to meet the commitments in 2050 but there are a number of solutions that if you put together will drive to that path,

Sandra Bour Schaeffer, chief executive officer of Airbus ExO Alpha, said last week during the sidelines of the Dubai Air Show.

Groups such as Extinction Rebellion and activists like 16-year-old Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg are feeding the public concern.

In June, Airbus, Boeing, and other major industry players promised to reduce carbon footprint by half in 2050 compared with 2005 levels.

The launch of hybrid or electric models to stand as the biggest challenge in the industry for decades since this technology currently offers only a limited range and capacity. Most of the researches are focused on smaller aircraft.

Besides Airbus, Boeing backed Zunum Aero, and JetBlue Airways aims to build a hybrid-electric model by 2022.

Seattle-based MagniX Technologies is working on a propulsion system for an all-electric plane with a similar date in mind.

Israeli startup Eviation is also eyeing to go fully electric, with a nine-passenger plane.