Airbus releases images of ANA's first Airbus A380 from painting shop


Hamburg - The painting of the first Airbus A380 for ANA has started in Finkenwerder plant. All three jumbo jets of the Japanese carrier will get the sea turtle theme in different colors.

Airbus released photos of the first A380 of All Nippon Airways from the Hamburg paint shop on November 29. Here, the painters are currently busy to prime the first Airbus A380 of the Japanese airline with a sea turtle painting.

The first Airbus A380 of ANA is set to start operations at the end of May 2019 between Japan and Hawaii.

All Nippon Airways ordered its three Airbus A380 in January 2016. The superjumbos of the airline will accommodate eight passengers in First Class, 56 in Business class, 73 in Premium (all on the upper deck), and 383 in Economy (on the lower deck).

ANA emphasizes that the layout of each livery and each cabin are designed explicitly for Tokyo-Hawai route, which is popular among Japanese leisure travelers.

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The special livery "Flying Honu" is dedicated to the green sea turtle of Hawaii. ANA's A380s will come in three different colors. The first device that is currently being painted will be blue. The other two will be respectively emerald green inspired by the crystal clear waters of the Hawaiian Ocean, and orange, an attribute to the beautiful Hawaiian sunsets.

The walls and lights in the cabins were designed to illustrate Hawaii's blue sky, sunrises, sunsets, night skies, and iconic rainbows.