Airbus prepares to announce termination of A380 program on February 14


Toulouse - The bad news is piling up for the Airbus's superjumbo. The European manufacturer may announce this week that it would end production of the Airbus A380.

According to sources, the decision is already made and Airbus is preparing to end the production of the aircraft unless an unexpected order has been received. The announcement could be made on February 14, during the declaration of the annual results of the group.

Last week, Australian carrier Qantas announced the cancellation of an order for eight Airbus A380. A week earlier than that, the negotiations between Airbus and Emirates, the largest A380 operator in the world, leaked to the press.

"Qantas cancels an order for eight Airbus A380"

Although it was not officially confirmed yet by the manufacturer, Emirates also wants to cancel its remaining orders for 36 Airbus A380 and replace them with the A350s.

"Airbus may have to close A380 production lines earlier than expected"

Equipped with four engines and capable of carrying more than 500 passengers, the iconic airliner is under pressure due to the increasing question marks about its efficiency.

Since its launch in 2007, the program has suffered from the lack of demand from the major global airlines.

For many, Airbus overestimated the evolution of the market for very large carriers. With the arrival of the new generation, twin-engine widebodies with lower operating costs, such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787, airlines turned to these planes.

Qantas was the first airline to order the aircraft in 2001 when the project had just been launched. Despite the delays in deliveries, the Australian carrier had ordered eight more copies in 2006.

Update: "Airbus confirms program termination for A380, A330 and A350 for Emirates"