Airbus needs twelve months to get the A320neo deliveries back on track


Port Louis - Airbus will need another year to catch up on all A320neo delivery backlogs because of the late deliveries from the engine suppliers.

The manufacturers Pratt & Whitney and CFM, between whose engines the airlines have to decide, do not comply with the deliveries so far.

It would take another twelve months to put the A320neo production back on track and secure deliveries, said Chris Buckley during an interview in Mauritius, Airbus’ executive vice president for Europe, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

European manufacturer had to modify its delivery schedule for A320neos at the beginning of this year after a malfunction was discovered with Pratt & Whitney's geared turbofans that were in service.

In June, production setback added to the existing problem by another supplier CFM International caused as many as 100 assembled jets to remain parked outside the final assembly lines without engines.

The number has been decreased to about 50 since then as Pratt & Whitney increased the delivery pace of its geared turbofan.

Slowly but surely we’re adjusting to the situation. What we need to do is get some stability back in delivering our aircraft on time to our customers as they expect,
Buckley said.

Airbus will end up the year with 170 to180 A320neo deliveries powered by Pratt & Whitney's geared turbofans instead of initially planned 210.