Airbus Mobile plant carries out first delivery flight on a renewable jet fuel blend


Mobile - On Wednesday, Airbus plant in Mobile, Alabama had another milestone after three years of production since 2015. For the first time, an aircraft took-off partly on biofuel to fly to its new owner's home base.

On September 13, JetBlue received the last of its five A321ceo from Airbus after a flight from Mobile, Alabama to New York on an 85/15 mix of traditional kerosene and biofuel.

It is an opportunity to work closely with local stakeholders to scale-up production and the commercialization of sustainable aviation fuels in the region,
said Frederic Eychenne, the head of Airbus New Energies.

Airbus considers offering delivery flights on biofuel for more customers. In the long term, the European manufacturer wants to invest in the production of sustainable fuel in the United States.

After Toulouse and Mobile plants, Airbus plans to offer the biofuel-delivery option for its customers from its Hamburg plant as well.