Airbus joins forces with airlines and telecom companies for broadband internet in flight


London - Airbus, Delta Air Lines, and Telecom companies OneWeb, Sprint and Airtel have allied to facilitate the usage of broadband internet in flight and enhance the user experience.

The five founding members explained that the "Seamless Air Alliance" will allow member mobile operators to expand their services in airline cabins.

The customers of these operators should thus benefit from a more fluid experience by connecting to the broadband internet in flight, thanks to satellite technology.

The alliance wants to eliminate the huge costs and obstacles associated with acquiring, installing and operating the system for on-board internet connection.

The new concept also intends to offer open specifications to enable interoperability, increase accessibility for passengers
and simplify billing. The Alliance plans to attract other companies beyond the five founding members.

High-speed, easy-to-use connectivity is part of the next aerospace revolution,
said Marc Fontaine, head of Digital Transformation Office (DTO) at Airbus.
Together we will enable an affordable and convenient experience for passengers around the world,
said OneWeb founder Greg Wyler.
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