Airbus hopes a solution to Pratt & Whitney engine problem very soon


Toulouse - Sigh of relief at Airbus: The British engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney is close to the final redesign of a faulty engine part, causing delivery delays in the A320neo.

Currently, about 100 A320neo are waiting for their engines at the Airbus plants.

The regulatory authorities have approved the seal in question; it can be installed during regular maintenance, said the head of the A320 program Klaus Roewe last week in an interview with the Bloomberg news agency.

According to last week's figures, Airbus is unable to finish around 100 of the A320neo aircraft due to the lack of Pratt & Whitney engines. Most of these aircraft could be delivered by the end of the year when enough engines are available again, said Guillaume Faury, COO of the Airbus Commercial Aircraft.

The trouble with the engines led to delays in the delivery of A320neo family aircraft for some time. At first, there were only heat and software problems, then the failure caused by the edge of a high-pressure seal prompted Airbus to suspend deliveries.

In February 2018, Airbus announced that it had temporarily suspended the delivery of A320neo family aircraft with engines from Pratt & Whitney until April 2018.