Airbus celebrates the delivery of 12,000th aircraft

Montreal, Quebec - Airbus will deliver the 12,000th aircraft this month. To celebrate this remarkable milestone, an Airbus A220-100 flew a special pattern in Mirabel during a test flight on May 8.

During the nearly four-hour flight, the pilots wrote '12K' on the sky. The aircraft used for this special demonstration is also the 12th Airbus A220 that will be delivered to the U.S carrier Delta Air Lines.


It is not known whether the aircraft is actually the 12,000th aircraft. The most recently published Airbus order book states that 11,995 jets were delivered to the customers around the world as of April 30, 2019, and 10,926 of these planes are still operational.

In terms of deliveries, 2019 will probably be the best year ever for Airbus, with an expected 880 to 890 aircraft deliveries. This is partly because the manufacturer increased the production rate of its best selling models A320neo and A330neo.

But the number of orders is not as bright as deliveries. The backlog of the European manufacturer shrunk by around 300 aircraft in the first four months of the year compared with the same period of the previous year.