Airbus announces its first order in Dubai Air Show 2017


Dubai- On the third day of the Dubai Air Show, Airbus announced its first order. The Kuwaiti airline operator Wataniya Airways, which relaunched its operations last summer in July, signed a memorandum of understanding for 25 A320neo family aircraft.

On the other hand, it seems unlikely that Emirates will order additional A380s during the event.

From its base in Kuwait, Wataniya Airways currently operates two A320ceo serving several destinations in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

The European aircraft manufacturer had planned to announce the A380 agreement on the first day of the show, an additional order from Emirates for nearly 40 A380. According to Reuters, the owner of the airline, in other words, the Dubai government, demanded Airbus commit on the further development of the A380 program for another 10 years. This is to dispel the company's concerns about the future support and value of the aircraft in Emirates' portfolio. Emirates and Airbus are continuing their discussions. The conclusion would be a matter of weeks or months.

In the meantime, Airbus announced Tuesday, November 14, its first commercial aircraft order of the show, dominated so far by Boeing. Wataniya Airways has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for 25 A320neo family aircraft, Airbus said in a statement.

Wataniya Airways ceased operations in March 2011 and relaunched them in July 2017. From its base in Kuwait, it currently operates two A320ceo serving several destinations in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. "The A320neo will contribute to its strategic vision of becoming the fastest growing airline in the country," Airbus said.

"We look forward to modernizing and further improving our fleet. The A320neo family will offer our customers the most comfortable and modern cabins with seats 18 inches wide while ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency, " said Ali Al Fouzan, the president of Wataniya.

Airbus currently holds more than 5,200 orders for the A320neo family, from 95 customers.