Air France may choose A330neo as the A380 replacement

Paris, France - On July 31st, Air France-KLM announced that the Airbus A330neo is one of the possible successors for the outdated A380s of Air France. Other options to order more Boeing 787 or Airbus A350.

Whichever the airline chooses, the smaller A330neo, the Boeing 787 or the larger A350-1000, it will mean a considerable reduction in capacity because the airline doesn't want to order more than nine aircraft to replace its A380s.

According to the Franco-Dutch Group, the decision is taken to avoid overcapacity at times of reduced demand.

Among the three options, the A330neo is the only aircraft type for which Air France-KLM has not yet placed any orders. The Group, both KLM and Air France have 23 Dreamliners in service and 15 more on order.

Next month, the company will receive the first of 28 Airbus A350-900 ordered. They are all intended for the French subsidiary of the Group.

Tuesday, the board of directors concluded that all A380s should leave the French carrier's fleet by 2022 at the latest since the Airbus's superjumbo is no more efficient for the company.

The same day, Air France-KLM also announced the order of 60 Airbus A220 for Air France.

The Group doesn't have any A320neo or 737 MAX in its order book yet.