Air France-KLM traffic is 5.9% up in November


Paris - The French-Dutch group welcomed 7.3 million passengers last month, 5.9% higher than that November 2016, with a load factor and unit revenue continuing to grow.

Airlines, Air France and its low-cost subsidiary HOP! + 3.0%, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines +10.2% and the low-cost Transavia +7.2%.

Air France-KLM statistics for November 2017 show an increase of 5.7% in PKT (passenger per kilometer transported), and 3.9% in SKO (seat per kilometer offered). The group's overall load factor reached to 85.5% with an increase of 1.5%.

Over the first eleven months of the year, the Air France-KLM Group, including all subsidiaries, transported 91,3 million passengers, an increase of 5.9% over the same period in 2016. The average load factor over these ten months stood at 87.3% (+1.5 %). Since January 2017, Air France and HOP! Welcomed 47,1 million passengers (+ 3.1%), KLM 30.181 million passengers (+ 7.8%) and the low cost Transavia 13.9 million passengers (+ 11.8%).