Air Canada reduces the frequency of flights in the absence of its Boeing 737 MAX 8s

Montreal - Air Canada reduces the frequency of its flights due to the worldwide flight ban for the Boeing 737 MAXs. Flights are removed from the schedule not only on domestic routes, but also on long-haul international routes.

The flag carrier of Canada is one of the largest Boeing 737 MAX operators with 24, 737 MAX 8 in service. They are now all grounded due to flight-ban imposed after Ethiopian Flight 302 crash on March 10.

For the company, this means a significant decrease in passenger capacity. Air Canada was expecting to receive six more 737 MAX 8 in March and April but it won't happen since Boeing temporarily suspended 737 MAX deliveries.

If the problem is not solved and the planes continue to stay on the ground, Air Canada will need to lease additional aircraft for the coming summer season. It's not an easy task, because all other 737 MAX operators will proceed the same.

Air Canada expects to somewhat cope with the problem by leasing aircraft from another Canadian airline Air Transat and also using the airplanes of its subsidiary Rouge on its own network.

An attempt to extend the expiring lease contracts was already made. The commissioning of four Airbus A321neo that will be taken over from WOW Air, will also be accelerated.