Air Canada flight AC234 to return Vencouver because of bird ingestion


Vancouver - An Air Canada flight was forced to turn back and stay at the Vancouver International Airport following a bird ingestion at one of its engines.

The aircraft, an Airbus A319, registered C-FYKR, flight AC234, which was to fly between Vancouver International Airport (and Edmonton International Airport with a number of people on board took off around 9:10 am local time. The flight AC234 had been flying for only a few minutes when pilots were alerted to bird ingestion in one of the aircraft's engines. A smell of smoke swept over the passenger cabin and the pilots decided to turn around to land at the Vancouver International Airport.

The flight AC234 landed safely without further incident. There are no casualties. The passengers were disembarked and transferred to the terminal to wait for the airline to transport them to their destination. A team of technicians will examine the A319 to determine the causes of the incident.