Video: Air Canada Boeing 777 clips another company aircraft on tarmac

Toronto, Canada - An Air Canada Boeing 777 has clipped the tail of another Air Canada plane at the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The Boeing 777, which was being towed at the time of the incident, clipped the tail of an Air Canada Airbus A321. The incident happened on Dec 27.

The left horizontal stabilizer on the tail of the Air Canada 777 hit the parked A321 and caused the narrowbody jet to spin around. Both aircraft were empty during the incident.

Around 50 million passengers use Toronto Pearson International Airport each year.

The incident occurred during the towing of a Boeing 777 at Toronto-Pearson on December 27, when the aircraft came into contact with a parked Airbus A321 stationed on the tarmac, away from the terminal,

an Air Canada spokesperson said.

The Boeing 777 was returned to service, but the A321 was sent to the hangar for some repair work.