Air Astana delays deliveries of its Boeing 787-8s for the third time

Almaty, Kazakhstan - Air Astana has once more postponed the deliveries of the three Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners that it has on order with the American aircraft manufacturer.

In 2011, Air Astana signed a firm order agreement with Boeing for the acquisition of three Boeing 787-8, the shortest variant of the Dreamliner family.

The first aircraft had been scheduled for delivery in 2017. However, the airline delayed this delivery to 2019 due to weak demand for the air travel in Kazakhstan.

Last year, the state-run airline announced a further delay to 2021.

Now, the airline will take the delivery of the aircraft even two years later in 2023 according to the company's recently presented fiscal year reports for the year of 2018.

The current wide-body fleet of Air Astana comprises three Boeing 767-300ER operated both on the domestic and international routes of the airline, including Almaty, Aktobe and Nur-Sultan in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, Germany, Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Malaysia abroad.