After Emirate's kiss of life, the next savior for A380 program would be British Airways


London - British Airways negotiate with Airbus for a new order of Airbus A380, completely new and not used as previously envisaged.

According to Bloomberg, British Airways would be the next buyer of A380 in 2018 after Emirates who recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the 36 superjumbos. British Airways has already 12 A380s in its fleet configured to accommodate 14 passengers in the First Class, 97 in Business class, 55 in Premium and 303 in Economy (469 seats in total).

In 2016, the British national company was already in search for the acquisition of five or six used A380. Last November, the leasing company Dr. Peters Group, which began to take back the old superjumbos of Singapore Airlines that are at the end of their leasing period, also mentioned discussions with British Airways.

But British Airways now targets brand new A380s in remarkable amounts. The British carrier thinks that the refurbishment of second-hand A380s would be too expensive according to the same sources from the Bloomberg news agency. But, neither the IAG group nor Airbus has confirmed the discussions so far.

Tom Enders, the chief executive of Airbus, confirmed that the Emirates' order gives visibility for at least the next ten years to the A380 program whose stopping had been mentioned.

This is a sign of confidence from a company who has built its growth strategy around this aircraft,
said Enders.
The air traffic is doubling every fifteen years, and we are convinced of the commercial potential of the A380,
he also added.