Aeromexico to order 60 E195-E2 or A220 for the renewal of its regional fleet

Mexico City, Mexico - Mexican flag carrier AeroMexico is preparing to place an order for 60 short-haul jets to renew its regional fleet.

The AeroMexico Group currently evaluates two models and has to make a choice by the end of this year between Embraer's E195-E2 and Airbus's A220 for the renewal of its regional fleet.

The new jets will replace 57 Embraer jets (47 E190 and ten E170) operated by the airline's regional subsidiary AeroMexico Connect. The average age of the E-Jets in the fleet is 10.3 years.

The Mexican operator has been studying different models since 2017. The main goal of the carrier is to increase capacity while reducing operating cost per aircraft.

Bigger and a higher capacity aircraft will also allow AeroMexico's regional subsidiary to operate at Mexico City’s highly busy airport with less flights.

The A220 would add 35% extra seating capacity to the current capacity against the E195-E2's 25%.

Both aircraft are more fuel-efficient compared to their predecessors thanks to their new generation engines, improved aerodynamics and composite materials used for the construction of airframe parts.

In terms of flight range, both A220-100 (2,900 nmi) and A220-300 (3200 nmi) can fly further than the E195-E2 (2,600 nmi)

The lack of infrastructure hinders our ability to have more operations. The only possibility to grow is to have a fleet up-gauge by adding bigger planes,

Chief Executive Officer Andres Conesa told Bloomberg news agency.

Conesa also indicated that the carrier would like to maintain fleet simplicity of operating a single-type regional fleet. Ordering both E195-E2 and A220 is not an option.