Video: Aeromexico Embraer E170 hits wing during takeoff

Mexico City - On April 10, An Embraer E170 jet from Aeromexico Connect hit the tip of the left wing on the runway at the Chihuahua airport during takeoff.

The aircraft registered XA-SAC had substantial damage on its left wing.

A video taken by the security cameras revealed the moment of the impact, where one of the tires of the plane struck out and caused one of the wings of the aircraft to hit the asphalt.

The aircraft took off safely and returned to the departure airport immediately.

Passengers were rebooked for another flight and went on their travel with a replacement Embraer E170 jet registered XA-ACI with a 3.5 hour delay.

According to the company, the wind gusts caused the incident. The Mexican operator also shared some photos on its social network accounts related to the incident .