AeroLogic to add one more Boeing 777F


Leipzig - The Leipzig-based freighter operator AeroLogicwill take delivery of its eleventh Boeing 777F next year. The aircraft is leased by Lufthansa Cargo and marketed exclusively for Lufthansa Cargo. Following the same pattern, DHL recently added two freighters to the AeroLogic fleet.

The new aircraft of the Lufthansa Cargo and DHL joint venture will fly to Leipzig from Everett in January 2019. It will be used exclusively for the shareholder Lufthansa Cargo.

AeroLogic usually shares the capacity of its fleet with DHL and Lufthansa Cargo. DHL uses the AeroLogic's jets during the weekdays for express freight flights from Leipzig, while Lufthansa Cargo manages flights from Frankfurt at weekends.

We are pleased that we will be able to bring in a brand-new freighter at AeroLogic next year, and together with the two new aircraft for Lufthansa Cargo's fleet, this important investment also underlines our long-standing commitment to the home airports of Frankfurt and Leipzig,
said Lufthansa Cargo boss Peter Gerber.

Lufthansa Cargo plans to add two Boeing 777F to its own fleet in 2019 as well.