Aeroflot to order more A350-900


Moscow - Aeroflot decides on Airbus for more widebody jets. According to media reports, the Russian national carrier wants to double its A350 order before the first delivery.

Aeroflot wants to increase the number of the A350s ordered from 14 to 28, insiders claim. According to the deputy chief executive officer Giorgio Callegari, the supervisory board gave already green light in 2017 for a doubling of the order and corresponding negotiations with Airbus.

The Russian flagship had initially ordered 14 A350-900 and eight A350-800 in 2007. But because of the lack of demand, Airbus dropped the A350-800 program.

Today (July 10), Aeroflot commented on the news published on some media channels. The airline said the claims in these media reports that the contract is for a total of $7.8 billion are not correct.

A firm contract was signed between Aeroflot and Airbus in 2007 for 22 A350 aircraft (14 A350-900, 8 A350-800). The first aircraft is planned for delivery in February 2020,
the company said.

However, the cost of the aircraft under the contract is significantly lower than the numbers cited in reports by media, as Aeroflot was given significant discounts by the manufacturer both in view of the size of the order and because of the opportunity to work with the Russian flag carrier.

The waiting list for the new A350 is meanwhile long again. Turkish Airlines and an unnamed customer made 35 new orders in June. On the other hand, American Airlines canceled an order of 22 A350-900 this year in April.