Aeroflot looks at new generation widebodies with more than 400 seats

Moscow, Russia - Russian national airline Aeroflot is planning to include in its fleet more long-haul widebody jets with a seating capacity of more than 400 seats.

According to Russian aviation news portal "Russian Aviation Insider", Aeroflot will work with a consultant to determine the best widebody aircraft type for the airline's future long-haul fleet.

Currently, the only wide-body jet in the airline's fleet with 400+ seats is the Boeing 777-300ER.

Aeroflot has 19 777-300ER in its fleet and three more on order. They are configured in a tri-class layout and can carry up to 402 passengers - 30 in Business Class, 48 in Premium Economy and 324 in Economy.

If we assume the new widebodies will also be configured in a tri-class layout, The most convenient planes for the Aeroflot's 400+ seats criteria is the Boeing's 777-9 and Airbus's A350-1000.

The consultant will also advise for the new western-built narrow-body jets needed between 2020 and 2023, besides the reconfiguration job of the airline's 777-300ERs.

Aeroflot will start operations with A350-900s in 2020. The carrier has 14 A350-900 in its order book and plans to order 14 more.

They will be configured to accommodate 28 passengers in Business Class, 24 in Comfort and 264 in Economy.