Aegean Airlines to order 50+ new single-aisle aircraft


London - Aegean Airlines is planning to order at least 50 new narrow-body aircraft. The airline is growing steadily following the takeover of the Greek flagship airline Olympic Air in 2013. Since then it has already doubled its fleet.

According to Aegean Airlines' boss Dimitrios Gerogiannis, the airline still fluctuates between the Airbus A320neo and the Boeing 737 Max. The order should be placed within the next few days.

We are on the home straight, it is only about a few days,
said Gerogiannis in London.

According to Gerogiannis, the aircraft to be delivered between 2020 and 2024 will replace the aging Airbus fleet and will also be used for expansion.

As a result, Aegean is likely to require a total of 75 aircraft by 2023, including turboprops, to serve domestic destinations from Athens.

At the moment, the airline owns only four aircraft from its Airbus fleet; the rest is leased. The share of leased aircraft could increase with the renewal plan according to Gerogiannis. Accordingly, the airline could also order some widebodies to meet their growth plan.

Aegean Airlines was founded in 1999 as a regional airline. In the wake of the economic crisis, the former state-owned airline Olympic stumbled in 2013, and Aegean took over it.

According to Gerogiannis, there is no short-term plan to enter the long-haul market formerly served by Olympic Air, so such a project could be something for the next decade.