Adria Airways drops its order for 15 Sukhoi Superjet

Ljubljana - Adria Airways canceled an agreement with the Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi for the long-term lease of 15 Sukhoi Superjet 100.

Last year in November, the Slovenian airline operator signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi for long-term lease of 15 SuperJet 100.

"A suprising customer for Sukhoi Superjet"

Adria Airways has been preparing for a while for the arrival of the aircraft, but today (April 2nd), the airline announced that it wouldn't be able to finalize the contractual terms due to the growing concerns about a fair and stable long-term partnership as well as the lack of common vision for the further growth of the company.

“We are naturally disappointed that the collaboration with Sukhoi did not reach a successful conclusion, but the partnership was only viable if given objectives set by the strategic business plan were attainable,” said Holger Kowarsch, the Managing Director of Adria Airways.

The fleet structure of the airline will remain unchanged and Adria Airways will continue to focus on the operational reliability and stability, also said the company in a statement.

Adria Airways currently operates three Airbus A319-100, two Bombardier CRJ700ER, nine Bombardier CRJ900LR, and four Saab 2000.

Update on April 3rd: In response to the Adria Airways' announcement, the manufacturer said that the institutions that were to provide the financing for the lease of the SSJ100 jets, recommended SCAC to cancel the deal after consideration of the Adria Airways' losses in the 2018-2019 fiscal year.