A321LR starts a 100 hour flight test campaign


Hamburg - Today, on January 31st, Airbus carried out the first test flight of the A321LR (Long Range). The extended range variant of the A321neo is embarking on a flight test campaign with the goal to enter into service in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The MSN7877, equipped with LEAP-1A engines from CFM International, took off from the Airbus factory in Hamburg-Finkenwerder today at 11:06 AM local. The crew consisted of test pilots Yann Beaufils and Peter Lofts, flight test engineers Frank Hohmeister, Jim Fawcett, Cedric Favrichon and cabin specialist Alexander Gentzsch.

Airbus is planning a test campaign of nearly 100 hours of flight, including transatlantic missions. The goal is to obtain the EASA and FAA type certification in the second quarter. Commissioning is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018.

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Based on the A321neo ACF, the A321LR features a new configuration of emergency doors and exits, which can carry up to 240 passengers. With the option of a 97-tonne maximum take-off weight
(MTOW), and a third fuel tank, the A321LR will have a range of 4,000 NM (7,400 km) in a bi-class configuration of 206 seats.

According to Airbus, these specifications will allow airlines to exploit new market opportunities. At its launch in January 2015, the A321LR was introduced by Airbus as the successor to the Boeing 757-

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