A320neo operators to begin the year with engine failures


Lahore - A brand new Airbus A321neo of Vietnam Airlines has been stuck in Pakistan for days due to engine failure.

It seems that Pratt & Whitney engines will continue to obsess Airbus and A320neo operators in 2019 as well. Since the beginning of the year, the aviation portal "Aviation Herald" has documented five PW engine incidents worldwide for the A320neos.

On February 6, an A321neo from Vietnam Airlines with the registration VN-A621 had to land at Lahore International Airport in Pakistan due to engine failure while it was on its way to Hanoi from Hamburg.

What makes this incident so interesting that Airbus had just handed over the A321neo to Vietnam Airlines in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. The aircraft was on ferry flight.

Since then, the brand-new A321neo of Vietnam Airlines has been stranded in Pakistan. The plane is expected to receive a replacement engine in a few days.