A unique service from Turkish Airlines for visually impaired passengers


Istanbul - With the goal of facilitating the travel experience of its passengers, Turkish Airlines is developing new products such as boarding passes in "Braille" alphabet for visually impaired passengers.

Taking into account the specific needs and expectations of its passengers, Turkish Airlines improves its products and services. The company has designed a new solution for its visually impaired passengers. The new service will allow visually impaired passengers to receive a Braille boarding pass at the check-in counters located at the International Departure Terminal at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul.

The airline included people with visual impairments in the project research and development process to design a boarding pass that responds effectively to the needs of all passengers concerned. Thanks to this new service, the most important information for travelers such as the booking code, the flight number, the date and time of the flight, the destinations of departure and arrival, the numbers of door and seat will appear in Braille on the boarding pass.

The Istanbul Atatürk Airport will be the pilot airport for the project and in the near future, the Braille boarding pass will also be offered to visually impaired passengers at the other airports.

The innovations launched in the frame of "barrier-free travel experience" project of Turkish Airlines for impaired travelers are not limited to the Braille boarding pass. The airline has already incorporated an audio description option for movies and safety-related information within the in-flight entertainment system.

In addition, more than 100 airline flight attendants and ground staff were trained in sign language to facilitate the travel experience of hearing impaired passengers.