A suprising customer for Sukhoi Superjet


Moskow - Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi has found a new customer for the SSJ100 Superjet. Adria Airways from Slovenia intends to buy no less than fifteen aircraft from 2019 and also has plans for a maintenance center.

To date, Sukhoi mainly sold its SSJ100s to Russian airlines. For instance, Aeroflot has 150 copies of the type in its fleet. International users such as Interjet from Mexico and Brussels Airlines from Belgium, who rent devices from the Irish CityJet, want to get rid of the Superjets in their fleet because of the repeated outages and long maintenance periods.

Interjet plans to sell its entire SSJ100 fleet

Sukhoi Superjet underperforms due to a design flaw in the engines

Slovenian Adria Airways currently operates 12 Bombardier CRJ (nine Bombardier CRJ900LR and three Bombardier CRJ700ER), six SAAB 2000 and three Airbus A319-100.

The airline plans eventually replace all aircraft in the fleet with SSJ100s.

After a two-year evaluation we have concluded that the Superjet suits us best,
said CEO Holger Kowarsch.

The Sukhoi Superjet carries 98 passengers and has a flight range of more than 3000 kilometers (1619NM).