A Red Wings Tu-204 makes emergency landing due to the engine fire


Ufa - Today, shortly after a Red Wings Tu-204 had taken off from the Ufa Airport for Sochi, passengers saw flames coming out of the left engine. The pilots decided to return immediately and were able to land the nine-year-old aircraft safely.

Following the emergency landing, the fire brigade extinguished the fire and evacuated the 202 passengers with the help of inflatable emergency escape slides seven minutes after the landing. Passengers were sent to Sochi with a different plane a few hours later.

There were 202 passengers on board, no injuries reported. All firefighting and rescue units at the airport worked in line with the emergency plan,
a spokesperson for Ufa airport said.

A passenger on a Red Wings flight from has shared the footage of the emergency landing of the Tu-204.

The Russian authorities have sent a research team to Ufa to determine the cause of the fire.